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Timeless treasures: graphic art exhibition unveils centuries of creativity

The exhibition “To be continued…” at the Graphic Art Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts showcases the series, variations, and repeating patterns found in 16th and 20th century graphic art. With around 100,000 works, the collection delves into the concept of “serial art,” exploring its artistic aspects.

Curated by Kinga Bódi, the exhibition features approximately 100 pieces from renowned artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Martin Schongauer, and more. Ms. Bódi emphasizes the inclusion of lesser-known or previously unseen works, offering visitors a diverse viewing experience.
The exhibition presents a juxtaposition of 16th-century traditional graphic series, characterized by thematic unity, and 20th-century serial prints, which showcase continuous variations in motifs and forms.
Focusing on two distinct periods, the exhibition explores the emergence of independent series in the 16th century and the transformative impact of industrial reproduction on graphic art in the latter half of the 20th century. Rather than tracing the historical development of printed series, the exhibition delves into their origins, creators’ approaches, and methods, seeking to understand the connections and differences between Renaissance and contemporary art serials.

This exhibition continues a series that fosters dialogue between old and contemporary art. Accompanied by publications in Hungarian and English titled The Books of the Graphic Art Collection, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the rich heritage of graphic art until September 15, open Thursday to Sunday.

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