Discover the Captivating World of Art at Budapest’s Artifacts’ Night Festival 2024

Artifacts' Night Festival

If you’re an art lover visiting Budapest in late May 2024, don’t miss the 8th annual Műtárgyak Éjszakája (Artifacts Night) Festival. This three-day celebration from May 23-25 offers over 100 fascinating programs and events at more than 50 venues across the city, providing an immersive journey into the mesmerizing world of art.

Organized by műtá, Hungary’s leading art marketplace and news portal, the festival aims to spark curiosity and appreciation for art through a diverse array of exhibitions, tours, workshops, lectures, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. The 2024 edition will have an expanded program with exciting new locations to explore.

The central theme this year is the origins and provenances of artworks, uncovering the intriguing stories behind the pieces. Visitors can gain insights through interactive guided tours, restoration demonstrations, expert talks, and panel discussions. Exclusive access to private collections, artists’ studios, and storage facilities will allow you to view artworks not just as exhibited objects but as living storytellers.

Thematic walking tours offer opportunities to discover the city’s artistic gems, while evening film screenings cater to movie buffs. Hands-on workshops and studio visits provide creative experiences, complemented by an array of family-friendly activities to engage visitors of all ages. With 15 different program types, the festival ensures there is something fascinating for everyone.

A unique aspect of the Artifacts’ Night Festival is its commitment to making art accessible to all, including people with disabilities. Special events and activities focus on the connection between art and inclusivity, enabling those with disabilities to have meaningful cultural experiences and seamlessly integrate with the broader art-loving community.

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