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The Margaret Island Music Fountain is playing music again

From the last weekend of April, Budapest’s favorite fountain once again welcomes visitors in all its glory. According to FŐKERT’s Facebook post, with the hopefully now steady good weather, the season of the Margaret Island Musical Fountain is starting, and its musical program has been published. The fountain’s repertoire includes both classical and popular music pieces, as we have come to expect from previous years, and you can read the full playlist and schedule by clicking here.

The fountain’s show can be enjoyed between 10 AM and 10 PM, but it is best to time your visit after sunset, as colorful light shows and short films projected onto the water mist provide an extra special experience.

Short history of Music Fountain

The Music Fountain, also known as the Bodor Fountain, derives its name from Péter Bodor, a Szekler craftsman who constructed the fountain’s initial version in the early 1820s in Târgu Mures. This original fountain was demolished in 1911, according to Travelo. In 1936, a replica was erected in the northern section of Margaret Island. After a period of inactivity, this replica is once again delighting visitors with musical performances.

The list of music available by clicking here.

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