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Judo Comes to Budapest in 2025

2025 World Championships

If you’re a judo enthusiast planning a trip to Hungary in 2025, you’re in for a treat! The Hungarian capital, Budapest, will host the prestigious World Judo Championships from June 13th to 20th, 2025. This highly anticipated event will bring together the world’s best judo athletes, offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness the pinnacle of this ancient martial art.

The announcement was made at the conclusion of the 2024 Abu Dhabi World Championships, where the International Judo Federation (IJF) flag and responsibility were officially handed over to Hungary by IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer. This marks a significant moment for the country, as it last hosted the World Judo Championships in 2021.

The competition will follow the Olympic format, with the individual tournament taking place from June 13th to 19th, and the mixed team tournament on June 20th. Prepare to be captivated by the skill, discipline, and determination of these exceptional athletes as they compete for the coveted world titles.

As the headquarters of the IJF, Hungary has a deep connection with the sport of judo, and its values resonate strongly with the principles of this martial art. IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer expressed his excitement, stating, “Hungary is a country of sport, and we’re proud to have the IJF headquarters in Budapest. We are looking forward to welcoming the entire judo family to the world championships next year in this country, known for its rich traditions, culture, and values, those which resonate with judo.”

Dr. Lazlo Toth, president of the Hungarian Judo Association and the European Judo Union, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We are very happy and proud that Budapest can host the biggest judo meeting in 2025 after the Olympic Games in Paris. This will be the first big and global competition after Paris 2024.”

As the IJF prepares to welcome the judo family to Hungary, visitors can expect an unforgettable experience, combining the thrill of world-class competition with the rich cultural heritage of Budapest. Whether you’re a die-hard judo fan or simply appreciate the beauty of this martial art, the 2025 World Judo Championships in Budapest promise to be a highlight of your Hungarian adventure.

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2025 World Championships

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