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Hello Europe! Celebrating Hungary’s 20th anniversary in the European Union

This May will be all about new beginnings as Budapest celebrates spring’s arrival with the Budapest Spring Festival and the 20th anniversary of Hungary joining the European Union. Downtown Budapest will be filled with festivals, celebrations, cultural activities and other programs for all ages. 

The well known and loved “free bridge picnic” on the Liberty Bridge will take place between May 3-5 when pedestrians take over the bridge to engage in various relaxing activities like yoga, dancing or simply chilling on a blanket. During the day the bridge will be filled with sports activities and music, but at nightfall circus shows and DJ’s will take over to get the party going.

During the daytime downtown Budapest will be filled with fares, concerts and theatrical plays for the small ones with clowns making kids giggle while they wait for the next show. Families will also be able to choose from a great variety of creative activities where kids and adults will be able to try their hands at creating art using different mediums. 

The festival offers several art and light exhibitions mostly targeting young adults. Visitors will be entertained by artists from all fields including magicians. The art galleries of Bartók Boulevard will open their special exhibitions and have workshops where visitors will be able to kickstart their artistic talents.

The nights will be filled with concerts, parties and in general a great time in the heart of Budapest! For more information on the programs visit the event’s site.

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