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Exciting news: A new oasis emerges in Budapest’s heart!

Get ready to relax as the City Hall pop-up park opens to the public on May 17. Nestled within the very heart of the capital, this haven promises respite in the busy downtown with its innovative features, bespoke street furniture, and lush greenery.

Marking a significant milestone since Budapest’s 150th birthday celebration on November 17, 2023, the transformation of the City Hall Courtyard from a mere parking lot to a vibrant communal space is nothing short of remarkable. Now, six months later, the courtyard emerges not just as a venue for festivities but as a dynamic hub for cultural exchange and community engagement.

The grand opening on May 17 will dazzle spectators with captivating performances, followed by an evening of entertainment featuring a DJ set and stand-up comedy. On May 18th the pop-up park will host a great variety activities, including workshops, guided “City Walks” through the park, and a literary session, all detailed on the event’s Facebook page. All this would make anyone hungry, fortunately the park’s restaurant will welcome visitors, offering tantalizing refreshments amid the serene ambiance of Budapest’s newest communal space.

Beyond the opening weekend, a series of themed evenings and engaging programs will unfold, extending the park’s allure well into late autumn. From cultural showcases to international sports screenings during the European Football Championship, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Hello Wood’s revamped pop-up park transforms a neglected square in Budapest

Hello Wood has breathed new life into its renowned pop-up park, injecting a burst of energy into a previously overlooked square in downtown Budapest. Erected originally in the summer of 2017, this revitalized park returns a year later, offering “a democratic space for all social groups within the bustling rhythm of city life.”

Accessible round the clock, the park serves as a free sanctuary for individuals of all backgrounds. With the backing of the Municipality of Budapest, this initiative occupies a once-empty yet well-traversed spot adjacent to Budapest City Hall.

Comprising a series of gracefully curved wooden structures, the park invites visitors to relax and unwind under the summer sun. A vibrant array of colors, accompanied by palm plants and olive trees, breathes new life into the previously drab cobblestone square.

To combat the sweltering summer heat, sail shades have been strategically installed, offering shelter from the sun’s rays where trees are absent. Innovative solar panels, courtesy of Hungarian startup Platio, cater to the needs of digital nomads and casual tourists alike, providing a convenient charging solution for laptops and smartphones. As night falls, enchanting evening lighting creates a cozy atmosphere, illuminating the park against the backdrop of darkness.

The park also introduces an array of sporting equipment, including workout gear from HardBodyHang, ping pong tables, and Teqball—a uniquely Hungarian fusion of table tennis and football. This diverse addition seamlessly transforms the park from a leisure destination into a vibrant hub promoting health and fitness for all.


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