The City Hall Pop-Up Park Opens Soon!

Pop-up Park

Get ready to relax as the City Hall pop-up park opens to the public on May 17. Nestled within the very heart of the capital, this haven promises respite in the busy downtown with its innovative features, bespoke street furniture, and lush greenery. The grand opening on May 17 will dazzle spectators with captivating performances, followed by an evening of entertainment featuring a DJ set and stand-up comedy. On May 18th the pop-up park will host a great variety activities, including workshops, guided “City Walks” through the park, and a literary session, all detailed on the event’s Facebook page. All this would make anyone hungry, fortunately the park’s restaurant will welcome visitors, offering tantalizing refreshments amid the serene ambiance of Budapest’s newest communal space.

Update: After the grand opening the park will remain open to the public all year round.

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