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E-bikes, double the fleet size, and suburban coverage – here comes Bubi 3.0

One of the biggest success stories of recent years has been Bubi 2.0, yet plans indicate that the new system will become even more accessible to a wider range of users by 2026. The Bubi expansion plans not only cover geographical and bicycle number increases but also include the introduction of new types of bikes into the offering.

The popularity of the public bike system is best demonstrated by the fact that last year, bicycles were ridden for a total of 7 million kilometers, and the number of users and stations continues to grow. A much simpler rental system compared to the first version, more modern bikes, and over 200 stations have all contributed to its widespread use.

With Bubi 3.0, a new public bike system accessible to every second resident of Budapest is arriving, which plans to include a fleet with modern, electric-assist bikes and significant suburban coverage. This was announced in conjunction with the inauguration of a new collection station located at Kopaszi-gát in the BudaPart district, by Mayor Gergely Karácsony and Dr. Katalin Walter, CEO of BKK.

BKK started the preparatory work necessary for the creation of Bubi 3.0 months ago. The company will soon initiate market consultation to select the service that best fits the city’s needs after learning from international best practices, in preparation for a public procurement process starting in the fall. The goal is to issue a public procurement that allows the system to be flexibly expandable in the future.

Photo: Molbubi Facebook Page

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