Rock Legend Tom Morello Brings Solo Show to Budapest

Tom Morello

Music fans visiting the Hungarian capital this summer are in for a treat, as Tom Morello, legendary guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, will be performing a solo concert in Budapest on July 1st. The show will take place at the Budapest Park outdoor venue, which is hosting numerous international acts this season alongside local performers.

Morello, whose innovative guitar work and unmistakable style have earned him a place among the greatest guitarists of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine, has been highly active as a solo artist in recent years in addition to his work with bands. After previously recording under the alias “Nightwatchman,” he now releases music under his own name, with his latest solo albums coming out in 2021.

Beyond his musical talents, Morello is also an outspoken activist who has said he seizes “every opportunity as a musician and activist to fight injustice.” He previously co-founded a activist project with Serj Tankian of System of a Down and frequently lends his voice to social causes.

The former Rage Against the Machine member’s highly-anticipated Budapest show promises a night of blistering guitar work and socially-conscious lyrics from one of rock’s most iconic figures. It’s an unmissable opportunity for visiting music fans to experience Morello’s powerful performance up close.

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