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Budapest Celebrates Love and Diversity


If you’re visiting the beautiful city of Budapest this summer, get ready to experience an explosion of color, joy, and inclusivity as the LGBTQ+ community and allies come together to celebrate Pride. Budapest has a vibrant and welcoming queer scene, with a lineup of fabulous events that will let you immerse yourself in the local culture while showing your support for equality and human rights.

Kick things off in June with the Queens’ Night LGBTQ+ Comedy Show Pride Special on June 12th. This hilarious English-language stand-up show promises an evening of side-splitting entertainment featuring some of Budapest’s top LGBTQ+ comedians. Prepare for witty observations, personal stories, and plenty of irreverent humor that will have you doubled over in your seat.

Next up is the Queer Days film festival organized by Cinema Niche. This 3-day event will screen a diverse selection of LGBTQ+-themed movies from around the world, giving you a glimpse into queer stories and perspectives through the lens of international cinema. It’s the perfect way to start your Pride month celebrations.

The main event, of course, is the iconic Budapest Pride Parade and Festival in early July. Join thousands of locals and visitors as you march through the streets of the city center, waving your rainbow flags high. The parade route ends at a vibrant festival with live music, performances, food trucks, and plenty of opportunities to dance, mingle, and soak up the joyful atmosphere.

No matter which events you attend, Budapest Pride is a beautiful celebration of love, self-expression, and the fearless spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. As a visitor, you’ll get an authentic taste of the city’s diversity and open-minded culture. So pack your most colorful outfits, get ready to make new friends, and experience the magic of Pride in one of Europe’s most enchanting capitals.

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