International Jazz Day

Dazzling melodies, innovative compositions, and extraordinary talent mark Budapest’s celebration of International Jazz Day, held in the open air of Városháza Park. This event is free to attend, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of jazz.

As a genre that thrives on improvisation and rich emotional expression, jazz offers a unique auditory feast that resonates with diverse cultural influences. In the heart of Budapest, amidst the natural beauty of Városháza Park, jazz becomes not just music but a dynamic celebration of creativity and communal spirit, uniting people through the power of its rhythms and harmonies.


  • 17:00 – Kjetil Bubbles Trio
    Kjetil Mulelid – piano
    Andreas Winther – drums
    Rune Nergaard – double bass
  • 18:30 – Nikol Bóková Quartet
    Nikol Bóková – piano
    David Dorůžka – guitar
    Martin Kocián – double bass
    Michał Wierzgoń – drums
  • 20:00 – Gala concert
    Mihály Borbély – saxophone
    Bálint Gyémánt – guitar
    Krisztián Oláh – piano
    Kornél Mogyoró – rhythm instruments
    György Orbán – bass
    László Csízi – drums
    Pasquale Mirra – vibraphone
    Mónika Lakatos – vocals

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