Gourmet Festival 2024

Budapest’s Culinary Celebration at Millenáris Park – May 24-26, 2024

Are you a connoisseur of Hungarian cuisine, eager for an exquisite dining experience in Budapest, amidst the scenic vineyards of Hungary? Seeking culinary adventures beyond traditional dishes like layered potato, strudel, and chicken paprikash? Save the dates: May 24-26, 2024, in Budapest. A pro tip to enhance your festival experience: While international culinary stars shine bright, the local talents offer the richest flavors. Let us guide you to discover these gems!

Culinary Delights Expo, May 24-26

Chosen for its unique charm, Millenáris Park, an elegantly transformed old industrial site into a chic urban space, hosts this annual feast for the senses. Nestled in Buda, just off Lövőház Street near Marczibányi Square and conveniently close to the Széll Kálmán Square metro station, it’s an ideal spot for an epicurean gathering.

This grand food festival is a haven for those who savor artisanal confectioneries, distinguished wineries, skilled cheese producers, and craft ice cream makers. Embracing the theme of ‘female energy’ this year, the festival showcases leading women in the culinary world, from chefs and pastry experts to bakers and creators. Come and meet esteemed ambassadors like Gabriella Ormós, Zsóka Fekete, and Zsuzsanna Ötvös, who are shaping the gastronomy scene.

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