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Breaking News: Flood Alert Issued for the Danube River in Budapest!

Flood Alert

The Danube River is expected to rise in the coming days, prompting authorities to issue a flood alert for the city. Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony has ordered a first-degree flood protection preparedness for four flood protection sections of the city based on forecasts from the National Water Level Forecasting Service.

As a precautionary measure, the lower embankments along the Danube will be closed to traffic starting Thursday evening. Parking on these embankments will be prohibited from Thursday at 12:00 AM. The Budapest Municipal Law Enforcement Directorate will remove any vehicles still parked on the lower embankments from Thursday afternoon, with bilingual notices being placed on the windshields of parked cars starting Tuesday.

According to the Mayor’s Office, higher levels of flood protection preparedness may be ordered in the coming days based on forecasts. During the first-degree preparedness, water management experts will take necessary technical measures to maintain safe drinking water supply and ensure the smooth operation of the sewage system. These measures are not expected to cause noticeable changes for Budapest residents.

Tourists are advised to exercise caution when engaging in activities along the Danube River. The Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) has emphasized the importance of following safety rules and regulations. Swimming in the Danube is only permitted in designated areas, and night swimming is prohibited everywhere. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a parent while swimming in the river, and the Danube is not suitable for children to learn to swim.

Regarding boating on the Danube, the police stress that operating a small boat requires at least an inland recreational small boat operator’s license. Boats must always maintain a safe speed and take into account weather conditions, traffic, waterway conditions, and other circumstances affecting the safety of navigation. It is also important to note that boating under the influence of alcohol or other substances that adversely affect driving ability is strictly prohibited.

Tourists are encouraged to stay informed about the flood situation and follow the instructions of local authorities to ensure their safety during their visit to Budapest.


The authorities closed the lower embankments of the Danube as they are expecting the flood to peak at the early hours this Saturday. If necessary some tram lines might be diverted due to the flood. However, the authorities insured the public that communal services will remain unaffected by the flood. After the Danube returns to its bed, the embankments will be disinfected and after that traffic will be able to resume.

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Flood Alert

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