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The Countback Until the Red Bull Soap Box Race Is On!

Red Bull Soap Box Race

Attention all thrill-seekers and creative minds! The Red Bull Soap Box Race is only a few days away! Does Red Bull really gives you wings? We – and the racers – will surely find out on June 30th during a spectacle of ingenuity, courage, and pure fun.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Red Bull Soap Box Race is a unique competition where participants design and build their own non-motorized racing vehicles, which they then race down a steep hill, navigating through various obstacles along the way. The only limit is the imagination of the contestants, resulting in an array of wacky and wonderful creations.

The Tabán, a historic neighborhood in the heart of the city, will be transformed into a racetrack for the day, with thousands of spectators cheering on the brave racers.

But what does it take to drive a Red Bull Soap Box vehicle? We asked some of the world’s fastest motorsport racers for their insights. Pierre Gasly, a Formula 1 driver for Alpine, emphasizes the importance of maintaining speed and minimizing steering input. “It’s a tough challenge,” he says, “but you have to try to steer smoothly so as not to lose too much speed.”

Andrew Jordan, a former British Touring Car Champion, agrees. “It’s all about momentum, and there will be obstacles that will slow you down anyway,” he explains. “It’s very easy to scrub off speed by turning the steering wheel too much, so use minimal steering and take the shortest route possible.”

Sam Sunderland, a Dakar Rally motorcycle category winner, highlights the significance of a good start. “You need to get a good launch and then maintain your speed,” he advises. “Try to go as straight as possible and don’t lose your momentum!”

Ayrat Mardeev, a Dakar Rally truck category winner, compares the principles of jumping a soap box vehicle to those of his 10-ton KAMAZ truck. “Sometimes, you might need to brake a little before a jump,” he reveals. “This is something we also apply in the Dakar Rally.”

Above all, the most important thing is to ensure that you and your vehicle make it to the finish line in one piece. “I think the key is to stay together and hopefully keep your car together as well,” says Pierre Gasly. “Build a strong car with good wheels, and stick it out until the end – because that’s not easy either.”

So, whether you’re a participant or a spectator, the Red Bull Soap Box Race in Budapest promises to be an unforgettable experience. As Sam Sunderland puts it, “It’s a cool project – you get together with some mates, build some crazy rolling contraption, and smash it down a hill. I think it’s good fun!”

Don’t miss out on this thrilling event during your visit to Budapest in 2024. Get ready for a day filled with creativity, adrenaline, and laughter at the Red Bull Soap Box Race!


Check out the following info to make sure that you don’t miss anything!

Location: The race will take place in the picturesque Tabán area of Budapest.

Admission: The event is entirely FREE, so no need to purchase tickets!

Schedule: 11:00 – Paddock opens for visitors to view the incredible vehicles 13:00 – Red Bull Soap Box Race 2024 begins 14:00 – kristoaf mini-concert 14:20 – Red Bull Soap Box Race 2nd round 15:15 – Mehringer acoustic mini-concert 15:30 – Red Bull Soap Box Race 3rd round 16:20 – Dánielfy mini-concert 16:35 – Red Bull Soap Box Race 4th round 17:45 – Award ceremony 17:55 – Sub Bass Monster main concert

Food and Drinks: Numerous food and drink vendors will be available on-site, and you can also order food through the Wolt app for pickup at one of the two designated pick-up points.

Transportation: Due to limited parking in the area, it is highly recommended to arrive by bicycle, scooter, on foot, or via public transportation. Nearby stops include Döbrentei tér (a 5-8 minute walk) and Sánc utca (a 5-minute walk).

Hosts and Judges: The event will be hosted by Till Attila and Matthesz Flóra at the starting line, and Farkas Geri at the finish line. You can also follow the race on the @redbullhu TikTok page, hosted by Babaitisz Jorgosz (Lil Frakk). The judging panel consists of prominent Hungarian figures from various fields.

Judging Criteria: Teams will be judged on creativity, performance, and speed, with the top three teams receiving exciting prizes, including a trip to the Red Bull Racing Team factory in Milton Keynes and tickets to the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix.

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Red Bull Soap Box Race

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