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Tens of Thousands March in the 29th Budapest Pride Parade

Budapest Pride

The 29th Budapest Pride Parade, part of the Budapest Pride Community Festival, once again attracted tens of thousands of participants, making it one of the largest public gatherings in Hungary. The event, held annually, provides a rare opportunity for people to celebrate openly and safely in a friendly, inclusive, and supportive environment.

The Pride Parade continues to draw large crowds, organizers estimate that over 30,000 people participated in the 2024 event, marching in solidarity with those who could not attend, and advocating for a more accepting Hungary.

The parade, which started from Podmaniczky Street, was led by Máté Hegedűs and Laura Tóth. Participants arrived from more than 17 cities across Hungary, with their attendance supported by the Budapest Pride organization. Numerous civil society groups, LGBTQ+ associations, political parties, and inclusive companies also joined the march, totaling 39 supporting groups.

A “Civil Village” was set up, featuring 17 civil society organizations showcasing their activities and initiatives. The event concluded with speeches from activists and performances by drag queens Tinez and Katherine Taylor.

The success of the 29th Budapest Pride Parade is a testament to the dedication of over 300 volunteers, nearly 30 project members, and 15 organizers who contributed thousands of hours to make the event possible. Organizers have announced that the 30th Budapest Pride Parade, coinciding with the anniversary of the historic Stonewall Riots, will take place on June 28, 2025, and will feature numerous large-scale events to mark the milestone.

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Budapest Pride

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