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Olympic Fever Hits Budapest with Extreme Sports Qualifier


The road to the 2024 Paris Olympics makes a crucial stop in Budapest this week as the city hosts the Olympic Qualifier Series from June 20-23. This two-part festival celebrates the newest and most extreme Olympic sports – breaking, BMX freestyle, skateboarding, and sport climbing.

The high-energy event at the Hungarian capital’s Nagycsarnok is the final chance for athletes to earn a coveted spot at next year’s games. Top competitors from around the world will be going all-out in hopes of punching their ticket to Paris in these exciting, youth-driven disciplines.

But the Olympic Qualifier Series is about much more than just the sporting competitions. It’s a full-fledged festival experience blending music, fashion, art, and urban culture. Spectators can watch the amazing athletic feats while enjoying live music, checking out the latest streetwear, and immersing themselves in the vibrant scene surrounding these cutting-edge sports.

The event is the perfect opportunity for visitors to embrace Budapest’s cool, modern side. You can even discover some skateboarding street art around town – the iconic Rubik’s Cube “Kodolko” mini-statue series includes a figure riding a skateboard. Between the high-flying action and the festival atmosphere, the Olympic Qualifier Series promises an adrenaline-packed celebration you won’t want to miss.

Image source: Cacor

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