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Horses and Horsemanship: The Pride of Hungary


For visitors to Hungary, one of the most iconic sights is the magnificent horses and expert horsemen that are deeply woven into the nation’s culture and history. Horses have played a vital role in the Hungarian way of life for centuries, from warfare and agriculture to sports and entertainment.

The Hungarian people have an enduring bond with these noble animals that dates back to their nomadic roots on the Eurasian steppes. The ancient Magyars were renowned for their exceptional horsemanship and light cavalry tactics that allowed them to dominate in battle. This equestrian heritage remains a great source of national pride to this day.

One of the most famous representations of Hungary’s horse culture is the world-renowned Hungarian Horseherd Show. Performed in traditional dress, the skilled horsemen demonstrate daring feats of horsemanship including jumps, tricks, and the intense “puszta five” stride that was originally used in battle. It’s a thrilling spectacle that leaves audiences in awe.

Beyond the shows, horses remain very much a part of daily life in Hungary. The iconic Hungarians csikós cowboys still herd cattle on horseback, preserving age-old traditions. And equestrian sports like polo and show jumping have a huge following, with Hungary producing many champion riders over the years.

For visitors, opportunities abound to experience Hungary’s equestrian culture firsthand. From taking riding lessons to visiting prestigious stud farms and watching live events, horses offer a unique window into the Magyar spirit. So saddle up and embrace this enduring bond between Hungarians and these magnificent animals during your travels.

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