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Budapest Keepin’ It Cool In The Heat

Keep Budapest Cool

The National Chief Medical Officer in Budapest has issued a heat warning from Sunday until next Friday due to the expected heatwave. Temperatures are expected to reach between 30 and 37 degrees Celsius, with some days potentially reaching up to 40 degrees. In response to this warning, the city of Budapest is taking various measures to keep its citizens and visitors protected from the extreme heat.

One of the main focuses is on ensuring adequate hydration. The city has installed numerous drinking fountains in public parks and busy areas, making it easier for people to access clean drinking water. The locations of these fountains can be found on mobile applications such as BP Fatár and BudapestGO. Additionally, the “Hűsítő Budapest” (Cooling Budapest) project has placed drinking fountains at busy intersections and metro stations.

To provide relief from the heat, the city has set up cooling islands at Baross Square and Móricz Zsigmond Square. These areas feature shade-providing structures with colorful ribbons, as well as mature trees and ivy walls to help lower the temperature. A misting tunnel on Jane Haining Embankment is also expected to be operational by early August, offering temporary refreshment to passersby.

The city’s public utilities company, FKF, has increased its road watering efforts during the heat warning. Water trucks continuously spray the roads, focusing on residential areas during the day and main roads and public transport routes at night. This not only helps to cool the heated asphalt but also reduces dust and pollen levels in the air.

Public transportation is also adapting to the heatwave. The number of trams, trolleybuses, and buses equipped with air conditioning is continuously increasing, ensuring a comfortable temperature for passengers and drivers. The M3 metro line has drinking fountains available at several stations, which are regularly maintained and quickly repaired if necessary.

For those seeking to cool off, Budapest’s thermal baths and beaches offer a variety of options. The city’s parks, with their century-old trees and shaded areas, also provide a respite from the heat. During the third-degree heat warning, beaches will remain open one hour longer, until sunset.

The city’s social institutions have been advised to take extra care in protecting their residents and employees during the extreme weather. Homeless shelters are prepared to accommodate those living on the streets who are unable to find placement in other facilities.

As Budapest continues to expand its green spaces through its greening program, these areas play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of the heatwave. The city urges the public to take care of these green spaces, as they can significantly lower ground-level temperatures compared to paved areas.

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Keep Budapest Cool

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