Rummage Through Retro Nick-nacks In Budapest

flea market at Szimpla kert

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this weekend you will be able to test if it’s really true. Visit the flea market at Szimpla kert this weekend where you will get to go through all the hidden treasures of others’ attics and basements. From old posh-looking bijous to world war and communist era medals, you may never know what vintage gems will pop-up at the flea market. Be prepared for literally anything from old special edition vinyl records, to collectibles, old coins and even older porcelain miniatures, you name it, the flea market will probably have it all. So stack your pockets with some cash and embark on the hunt for a unique piece of history – or plastic, whichever you can get a hold of first.

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flea market at Szimpla kert

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