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Budapest beer boom: beats out Rome and Berlin in new city rankings!

In a surprising turn of events, Budapest has emerged as a leading beer destination, outshining even the likes of Rome and Berlin in a recent ranking of European cities. This summer, while traditional beer havens such as Prague continue to be celebrated, Budapest has firmly secured its place among the elite.

Contrary to popular belief, which often associates beer excellence solely with countries like Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, a new survey highlights the diversity of Europe’s beer scene. According to Lelépő, a Hungarian news portal, the survey reveals that countries like Spain, Portugal, and notably Hungary are also home to exceptional brews.

The comprehensive survey, conducted by tour operator DFDS and drawing from approximately 40,000 Google reviews, evaluated 70 European cities based on criteria such as drink quality, pub selection, and affordability. Budapest proudly claimed the 4th position overall, sharing the spotlight with vibrant cities like Thessaloniki and Valencia:

  1. Madrid
  2. Prague
  3. Vienna
  4. Budapest, Thessaloniki, Valencia
  5. Porto, Brussels
  6. Berlin, Vilnius, Krakow
  7. Seville
  8. Amsterdam, Brno
  9. Belgrade, Rome
  10. Munich, Warsaw, Bratislava
  11. Manchester

This recognition not only underscores Budapest’s rising prominence in the world of beer but also celebrates the city’s diverse and thriving pub culture. As travelers seek unique and memorable experiences, Budapest emerges as a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts looking to explore the rich tapestry of European brewing traditions.

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