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A Chuck Norris miniature emerges in Budapest

Keep an eye out for the newest creation from guerrilla artist Mihály Kolodko, famed for his witty small-scale figures dotted around the city. Mihajlo (or Mihály) Kolodko, an urban guerrilla sculptor, is celebrated for his diminutive artworks that unexpectedly appear in various locales across Budapest. Last year, he introduced a miniature Garfield at the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, and a representation of Winnie-the-Pooh in the 7th district. On Easter Monday, Kolodko struck again, this time positioning a miniature Chuck Norris bound with rope along a riverside walkway at the base of the Megyeri Bridge (on the Pest side).

But why Chuck Norris, and why in this spot? The connection between the iconic American actor and martial artist and the bridge’s naming ceremony is intriguing. Upon its unveiling in 2008, the public was invited to contribute to the naming process online, resulting in a flood of votes for Chuck Norris.

Source of image: Kolodko Art

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