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Uber Returns to Budapest in Partnership with Főtaxi

Uber, the popular ride-hailing service, is making a comeback in Budapest after its departure in 2016. In an exciting turn of events, Uber has partnered with Főtaxi, one of the largest taxi companies in the city, to provide an enhanced transportation experience for both locals and tourists.

The partnership, announced on June 12th, aims to reform the taxi market in Budapest by combining Főtaxi’s expertise with Uber’s pioneering technology in app-based transportation. Through F Mobilitás Kft., a subsidiary of Főtaxi, the collaboration offers excellent conditions for passengers and attractive packages for drivers, including a three-month commission-free period for those who meet the requirements.

To celebrate the launch, passengers can enjoy three free rides up to a value of 5,000 forints each until June 30th. This partnership is expected to create fierce competition in the app-based transportation market, particularly with BOLT, another popular ride-hailing service.

Budapest is among the first European cities to witness such a collaboration between Uber and a local taxi company. The move not only expands transportation options for residents and tourists but also enhances Budapest’s transportation network. Uber’s technology will help drivers spend less time searching for passengers or waiting at taxi stands, allowing them to serve more customers efficiently.

Since Uber’s departure from Hungary in 2016, the company has undergone significant changes under the leadership of its new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. Uber is now one of the world’s largest platforms, providing earning opportunities for its contracted partners and serving as an integral part of the daily lives of over 100 million people. The company currently operates in more than 10,000 cities worldwide under regulated conditions and collaborates with decision-makers to improve the lives of both cities and users through its services.

As a foreign tourist in Budapest, you can now enjoy the convenience and reliability of Uber, powered by the local expertise of Főtaxi. This partnership promises to revolutionize the way you navigate the city, making your stay in the Hungarian capital even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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