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Watch the Paris Summer Olympic from Budapest’s public spaces

Summer Olympics in Paris (July 26 – August 11)

Although the upcoming Summer Olympic Games will be hosted in Paris, the excitement of the events will definitely be felt in the heart of Budapest. Similar to previous major sporting events, such as the European Football Championship, several locations in the Hungarian capital will set up large screens for sports fans to cheer on their favorites together. These occasions provide a great opportunity to follow the competitions with friends, accompanied by refreshing drinks.

The most popular gathering spot is Heroe’s Square (Hősök tere), where usually hundreds of people come together to watch the events. This venue is an ideal choice for large-scale broadcasts due to its central location and spacious area.

Other popular locations for setting up screens include Erzsébet Square and the City Park (Városliget) in Budapest. Both venues are excellent for enjoying sporting events under the open sky on summer evenings. Hungarians pay special attention to the Olympics, as Hungarian athletes regularly win 8-10 gold medals, which elicits heightened national pride among the population. Therefore, Olympic broadcasts are expected to generate particularly high interest in the Hungarian capital.

The 33rd Summer Olympic Games will once again be held in Europe (with the exception of one sport, which you can read more about below), with the French capital hosting this year’s most important series of competitions. Among the candidate cities at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was Budapest, but Hungary withdrew in 2017. In the summer of 2017, the locations for both the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics were announced simultaneously, with the former taking place in Paris and the latter in Los Angeles.

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