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Water Gun Battles Splashed Across Hungary’s Pools and Baths

water pistol fight - 2nd record attempt

This summer, 37 baths and pools across the country participated in the event, organized by the Hungarian Bath Association. The goal? To break last year’s record of 5,900 participants simultaneously engaging in water gun fights.

While the record attempt fell slightly short this year, with 5,500 enthusiastic participants, the event was still a resounding success. Visitors and locals alike gathered at participating venues, armed with water guns and ready to cool off in the summer heat. From Eger to Gyöngyös and Hatvan, people of all ages joined in the light-hearted battle, filling the air with laughter and the sound of splashing water.

Palatinus Bath: The Heart of the Action

The main hub of the water gun record attempt was none other than the iconic Palatinus Bath in Budapest. This sprawling complex, known for its thermal baths, outdoor pools, and wave pool, transformed into a vibrant battlefield for the day. Hundreds of participants, including families, friends, and even solo adventurers, converged on the Palatinus Bath to take part in the 15-minute water gun extravaganza.

Although the record remained unbroken, the atmosphere at Palatinus Bath was electric. The sun-soaked pools and baths became a playground for water gun enthusiasts, with streams of water crisscrossing the air and drenching everyone in sight. Smiles were abundant, and the joy of simply letting loose and having fun was palpable.

A Splash of Fun for Everyone

The nationwide water gun battle is just one of the many initiatives organized by the Hungarian Bath Association to promote the country’s fantastic baths and encourage people to enjoy the benefits of bathing. By bringing together locals and tourists in a spirit of camaraderie and playfulness, the event showcases the lighter side of Hungary’s renowned bath culture.

So, if you find yourself in Hungary next summer, keep an eye out for the annual water gun battle. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking to make a splash, this event promises an unforgettable experience. Grab a water gun, head to your nearest participating bath or pool, and prepare to have an absolute blast!

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water pistol fight - 2nd record attempt

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