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The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble Celebrates Hungarian Traditions at the 29th Danube Carnival

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble was founded in 1951 and originally was made up of three main parts: a dance ensemble, a choir and an orchestra. Its goal was to keep the traditional dances of each region and cultural heritage alive. Due to the skilled and devoted leadership guiding the ensemble, their mission was successful. With the changing times the ensemble was rediscovered by the public as the dance house movement gained popularity starting from the 1970’s. Many youngsters joined the movement which quickly became a modern way of entertainment for the masses. This ensured that the traditional values of the centuries old Hungarian folk dance and music was revived and kept alive. The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble became a pillar of the traditional values of the Carpathian Basin.

Even though joining the dance house movement is no longer a popular pastime, several traditional folk dance groups remain active to this day. Countless folk dance groups provide extra curricular activities to small children from the age of 3-4 and there are plenty of teenagers who continue celebrating their nationality through the traditional dances.

These talented youngsters ensure the future of the Hungarian traditional dances and the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. The ensemble – as the pillar of the modern folk dance theatre is going to be the main performer on the 29th Danube Carnival, with two of their outstanding dancers posing for the festival posters.

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