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Nostalgic Vehicles Take Over Budapest – Ride The World’s Only Vintage Cabrio Bus!

Cabrio Nostalgia Bus

The Centre for Budapest Transport, or BKK for short, is dusting off its old beauties to delight children and adults alike. Fans of the olden days’ public transport are in for a joyful surprise each weekend starting from May as the vintage trams, buses, and trolleybuses leave their depos and join the bustling public transportation system of Budapest. 

These vehicles are usually only for the eyes, but during the summertime visitors will get the chance to ride these heritage trams and buses. According to the timetable tourists will be able to pick from a great variety of types and ages, providing an extraordinary treat for tram fanatics.

Another great hit will be line N109, showcasing the world’s only functioning cabrio bus taking its passengers on a wonderful ride in the city center. The circular route will include some of the best sights in Budapest, like the Duna Part riverside, a great view of the Hungarian Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica and Margaret Island.

Note that these special rides come with different fare rates, you can purchase your tickets through the BudapestGO application or at any BKK office or even on the vehicles. 

If you still can’t get enough of these vintage beauties, visit the Millennium Underground Museum under Deák Square, or the Urban Public Transport Museum in Szentendre.

Image source: BKK official site

Cabrio Nostalgia Bus

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