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Chill Out to House Music on the A38 Party Boat Terrace

Lidokain Klub

Tired of the heat? Just want to stare at the waves and sip a nice cold cocktail while listening to great music? This is exactly what’s going on every other Sunday on the the A38 Party Boat. When visiting Budapest, one of the most unique experiences you can have is spending an evening on the terrace of the A38 Party Boat. The A38 is a cultural hub and concert venue located on a boat docked on the Danube River in the heart of the city.

Every other Sunday, the “Lidokain Klub” afternoon edition takes over the bow terrace of the A38. Starting from 5pm, resident DJs Naga and Peter Bernath take the decks, spinning laidback house tunes as the sun goes down over the Danube. Sip cocktails and soak in the chill vibes as the Budapest skyline provides a stunning backdrop.

The A38 is one of Hungary’s best-equipped and technically excellent concert venues and independent cultural centers. It hosts over 750 performing arts programs and concerts annually. The boat has been a fixture since 2003, organizing over 14,000 events including concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances. It’s also a prolific film/TV production facility.

As part of the Liveurope program supporting emerging talent across Europe, the A38 has given a stage to hundreds of promising artists. With an annual footfall exceeding 500,000 visitors, it’s one of Budapest’s cultural hotspots that should not be missed, especially the sunset sessions on the terrace.

So grab a cocktail, find a spot on the terrace, and immerse yourself in the laidback atmosphere as house music provides the soundtrack to an unforgettable Budapest evening on the A38 Party Boat.

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Lidokain Klub

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