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A Stork’s Refreshing Dip: Palatinus Baths Welcomes an Unusual Visitor

Karcsi the Stork

As summer rolls over Budapest, people flock the rejuvenating pools and thermal baths of the city. Among the regular visitors the Palatinus Baths on Margaret Island has recently gained attention for an unexpected individual – a stork named Karcsi (Charlie).

Karcsi the Stork: A Heartwarming Tale

In recent weeks, visitors to the Palatinus Baths have been greeted by an unexpected guest – Karcsi, the stork. Karcsi is a rescued stork who resides at the Budapest Zoo’s Margitsziget Petting Zoo. Thanks to successful rehabilitation efforts, Karcsi has regained his ability to fly short distances, allowing him to embark on small adventures around the city. His favorite destination? The nearby Palatinus Baths.

Visitors to the baths have been delighted by Karcsi’s surprise appearances, as he calmly sips water from the pool’s edge and basks in the summer sun. Videos of Karcsi’s visits have gone viral on social media, with viewers marveling at the sight of a stork enjoying a day at the pool.

While it may seem unusual to spot a stork at a public swimming pool, experts say it’s not entirely uncommon for animals to seek refuge from the heat and find refreshing water sources during hot summer days. Karcsi likely ventures to the Palatinus Baths from nearby green spaces or wetlands, finding the pool an inviting place to cool off.

The Budapest Zoo has assured the public that Karcsi is not an escapee, but rather a curious bird whose rehabilitation has been more successful than anticipated. Karcsi regularly visits the Danube River and even flies to the opposite bank in Pest. The zoo kindly asks visitors who encounter Karcsi not to feed him and to watch over him, but there’s no need for concern as he always finds his way back to his home at the petting zoo after a refreshing trip to the Palatinus Baths. As Karcsi’s story reminds us, sometimes the most unexpected encounters can leave the most lasting impressions on our travels.

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Karcsi the Stork

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