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Meghan Markle’s fond memories of Budapest and the Sussexes’ new spotlight

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, once integral members of the British royal family, made headlines about four years ago with their decision to step down from royal duties and relocate from the United Kingdom to a lavish residence in the United States, along with their children. Prior to her life-altering encounter with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was known for her love of travel, which once took her to the enchanting city of Budapest.

Her visit to the Hungarian capital during the holiday season of 2013, a time when the city was adorned with festive decorations, left a lasting impression on her. Markle, then an actress, documented her experiences on social media, showcasing her appreciation for Hungary’s festive ambiance, the vibrant Christmas markets, and the scent of mulled wine. She admired notable sights including the Dohány Street Synagogue and likened Andrássy Avenue to Paris’s famous Champs-Élysées, highlighting its elegance and prestige.

Meghan Markle discovers Budapest

Meghan’s exploration of Budapest extended to jogs along the Danube, leisure time on Margaret Island, and marveling at the city’s iconic bridges. She even embraced the local culture by attending a Bikram yoga class, navigating the language difference with grace. Although she has not visited Hungary since that time, the memories of her stay remain fondly with her. As Meghan and Harry continue to capture public interest, a return to Budapest could offer them a tranquil retreat from the media glare that often follows them.

The couple has recently found themselves back in the media spotlight due to the launch of their new website,, as reported by the Daily Mail. This move has sparked controversy within the royal family, especially because it bears a resemblance to the previously forbidden “Sussex Royal” branding. Queen Elizabeth II had previously restricted the couple’s use of the “Sussex” name in commercial ventures after their departure from royal duties.

The potential for commercial misuse of the Sussex name has led to warnings from the royal family, with hints that the website could be shut down if it strays too far from royal expectations. Despite these tensions, there are voices that defend Harry and Meghan’s choice, arguing that the use of their family name is a legitimate expression of their identity, amidst ongoing debates over their engagements with media and production companies like Netflix and Spotify.

Source: DailyNewsHungary

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