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Free public transport for EU citizens aged 65 and over

EU citizens, along with those from Norway and Switzerland, are entitled to use local public transport systems without any charge. This benefit extends across a wide array of public transportation options, including all scheduled bus lines and train services throughout Hungary. To avail of this free service, individuals need only to show a photo ID or passport that verifies their date of birth. Nonetheless, there are several key exceptions and notes to keep in mind:

  • For international journeys, passengers must purchase a valid ticket that covers the entirety of their trip, including the portion that traverses Hungary.
  • For any train or bus service that necessitates a reservation and/or an additional fee, passengers are required to secure a surcharge or reservation for the domestic segment of their journey. It’s worth noting that a nominal fee is also applicable on many standard express trains, not just on intercity services.
  • This fare exemption is applicable solely to second-class travel.
  • Certain specialized transport modes, such as the Buda Castle Hill Funicular, are not covered by this regulation.
  • The direct shuttle bus service to Budapest Airport (100E) is also accessible free of charge for EU citizens aged 65 and above.
  • This concession is equally available to citizens of Switzerland and Norway.


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